CA Technologies Updates Its Unified IT Monitoring Package

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Nimsoft Monitor aims to give IT organizations a more proactive approach to IT monitoring and maintenance.

CA Technologies on April 29 released the latest version of its CA Nimsoft Monitor, a unified software package for managing IT and outside cloud services.

The company contends that by using Nimsoft Monitor, IT organizations can take a more proactive approach to IT monitoring in order to provide higher-quality customer experiences.

Nimsoft Monitor, the intellectual property of which was acquired in 2010 when CA bought Nimsoft Corp. for $350 million, offers a centralized, holistic view of data that enables IT professionals to see and solve potential infrastructure-related disruptions before a customer is impacted.

As enterprises look for new customer-facing Web applications to drive revenue and improve customer experiences, the pressure builds on IT, whose infrastructure becomes increasingly complex. IT operations teams often struggle to make sense of infrastructure performance data because they use a number of disparate tools that do not work together, thus taking substantially more time and energy for admins to obtain results.

Improved visibility into system is the goal

CA claims that Nimsoft Monitor brings improved visibility into an IT system by connecting all key system nodes under one administrative pane of glass and through its new performance-trending and root-cause analysis functions.

Islandia, N.Y.-based CA also contends that Nimsoft Monitor has the scalability and multi-tenancy required by large enterprises and managed service providers. As a result, IT operations teams can adopt and manage new customer-centric services and applications by taking advantage of its "plug-and-play" architecture.

Key new features include:
--HTML 5 custom dashboards designed for viewing on tablet PCs that provide a complete view of the infrastructure and customer service data;

--dynamic thresholds to improve staff productivity and minimize false alarms; and 

--maintenance mode to suppress alarms across the monitoring environment for when devices are down during scheduled maintenance.

The new release of Nimsoft Monitor features VMware vSphere performance views that provide data related to vSphere hosts, guests and Virtual Center management systems within a single interface. In addition to English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese, CA Nimsoft Monitor is now also available in German and Korean.

Freemium version available

A new release of CA Nimsoft Monitor Snap -- a freemium version of CA Nimsoft Monitor -- is also available. New capabilities include dynamic thresholds, maintenance mode, VMware vSphere performance views, as well as support for additional applications, databases and storage devices such as JBoss, Oracle and EMC's VMAX. It is also now available in German and Korean languages. CA Nimsoft Monitor Snap is free for up to 30 monitored devices, each with unlimited monitors. A free download is available here (registration required).

The community support site, CA Snap Central, includes a discussion board, free documentation, a knowledge base, instructional videos and a forum for sharing ideas for future releases.

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