What Strong App Development Demand Means to Channel

By Michael Vizard

There's a lot of demand for new applications these days, but IT organizations are falling behind across the board, according to a new survey of 470 IT and business professionals conducted by Mendix, a provider of rapid application development (RAD) tools. Not only are application development backlogs growing, but the apps being delivered don't meet business needs and they are generally late and over budget, the study finds. It takes most IT organizations multiple quarters to build an application. As the backlog in demand for applications continues to grow, many organizations are increasingly likely to be looking for outside help to build those apps as pressure from the business continues to mount. All those bottlenecks, of course, represent a critical problem for solution providers across the channel because the rate of new applications and upgrades being deployed directly correlates to the amount of new IT infrastructure being consumed. As such, many solution providers now also have a vested interest in teaching IT customers how to take advantage of new development methodologies to accelerate application development and deployment in and out of the cloud.

This article was originally published on 2014-12-02