Business Users' Demands for App Performance, Availability Accelerate

By Michael Vizard

Business users are more demanding than ever when it comes to application performance and availability. Three-fourths of business end users said they don't want to wait more than an hour to contact their IT departments when they experience an application performance or availability problem, according to a new survey conducted by RedShift Research on behalf of SolarWinds. The study, based on a poll of 403 U.S. business users, found that some respondents were even less patient. More challenging yet, two-thirds said they expect application performance or availability problems to be solved within an hour of reporting them, and some wanted a resolution more quickly. Expectations for service cut both ways for the channel. On one hand, internal IT organizations have a hard time rising to those challenges without help from external IT service providers. The downside is that the expectations concerning the quality of service to be provided appear to be only getting higher. A big part of the reason that patience is running thin with IT is that more is riding on those applications than ever; that means that every time there is an IT problem, it now equates directly to thousands of dollars in lost profits and revenues.

This article was last updated on 2014-09-08This article was originally published on 2014-08-28