MSPs Can Play a Bigger Role in Disaster Recovery

By Gina Roos

There is a big disconnect between C-level executives and IT professionals when it comes to disaster recovery (DR) readiness. Nearly 70 percent of C-level executives believe their organization is very prepared to recover from a disaster, but only 45 percent of IT pros think that, according to a survey of 500 executives and IT professionals conducted by Evolve IP. Most companies understand the need to protect their business data from major outages, no matter the cause—human error, hardware failures or natural disasters. Yet, the survey finds that many professionals and managers participate in risky behavior that includes the use of legacy backup tapes or replicating data to a secondary site that is less than 50 miles from their primary data center. The good news is that managed service providers (MSPs) can play a role in helping businesses build and implement their DR plans. Evolve IP's "Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Survey" indicates that confidence in DR plans grows when companies use hosted solutions: disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) and an MSP environment. Their confidence is boosted even more when organizations have compliance requirements. Here are key survey takeaways that reveal MSP opportunities in disaster recovery.

This article was originally published on 2016-12-01