Get Ready for the Rise of Reactive Systems

By Michael Vizard

The difference between success and failure for many solution providers across the channel is the ability to see the next big IT thing in time to prepare to take advantage of it. That next big thing might just be "reactive systems," defined as an elastic IT architecture based on microservices that make use of containers and lightweight message-driven middleware. Not only is there a high amount of awareness of reactive systems, but also there are concrete plans to implement systems based on this architecture, according to the findings of a new survey conducted by TypeSafe, a provider of app development tools based on the Scala programming language that is derivative of Java. The study, based on a poll of 3,060 IT pros, finds that not only will apps built on top of reactive systems architectures be more resilient and scale better, use of this IT infrastructure is expected to be orders of magnitude more efficient. Right now, interest in reactive systems is driven mainly by app developers, but it's only a matter of time before a new generation of modern apps based on reactive systems architectures start to replace legacy systems at a fairly rapid rate—beginning this year.

This article was originally published on 2016-01-12