From Analytics to Virtualization: Change Is Afoot in 2015

By Dennis McCafferty

The IT industry is expected to tackle a number of formidable challenges in 2015, according to a recent forecast from Frost & Sullivan. Upstart analytics solution providers are apt to be more nimble—and responsive to user requirements—than established, larger ones. On the cloud front, big changes are under way; strategic partnerships will be increasingly important in the cloud world. Additionally, the "hybrid cloud" is morphing into "hybrid IT." In the data center, virtualization will be more widespread. Also, security vendors continue to work hard to address pain points. The following 10 selected IT industry predictions from Frost & Sullivan convey a sense of urgency to recognize and effectively address customers' fast-shifting tech needs, while still making a decent profit. "Change is having a major impact in all aspects of the [technology world], which will certainly expand as new ideas and concepts coalesce in 2015," the report reads.

This article was originally published on 2015-01-20