Enterprise Service Management Hinges on the Role of IT

By Gina Roos

IT professionals see an opportunity to drive enterprise-wide services to deliver greater efficiencies and improved productivity across their organizations by replacing email-based request processes with service automation, according to a survey jointly conducted by KPMG and ServiceNow, an enterprise IT cloud company. The report finds that IT professionals believe they can improve organizational efficiency by changing how work gets done. Most departments in the enterprise are service providers to employees, other departments, partners and customers; they receive and prioritize service requests, which means IT has the potential to drive organizational transformation by automating many of the line-of-business services that are currently handled manually, according to the report. In a Twitter discussion hosted by ServiceNow, participants agreed. A ServiceNow blog posting recapped the Twitter discussion: "In order to embrace change and facilitate growth, IT must accept its role as a crucial component of the business—rather than simply a provider of technology services. Enterprise service management hinges on this transformation of IT—and its leaders' ability to adapt." Here are highlights from the study, which is based on a survey of 275 IT professionals.

This article was originally published on 2014-08-22