Big Data Projects Encounter Headwinds

By Michael Vizard

Although interest in big data projects remains strong, many organizations are starting to encounter significant headwinds, a new survey of 210 IT executives in North America and Europe shows. Conducted by IDG Research Services on behalf of Capgemini and Informatica, the study finds that just a little over one-fourth of the respondents said their big data projects are profitable. Potentially more troubling is that less than a third of study participants are rapidly expanding those big data projects. Budget constraints and integration are cited as the two biggest challenges when it comes to deploying big data projects. For solution providers, the most important takeaway from the study might very well be resisting the temptation to over-promise when it comes to big data investment results. It clearly takes a fair amount of time for those investments to pay off. In the meantime, solution providers across the channel would be advised to prepare for a period of big data disillusionment, to be followed by more rapid adoption once organizations better understand how to turn all their data into strategic business assets.

This article was originally published on 2016-06-14