Big Data an Extended Journey for Many Companies

By Michael Vizard

In theory, we're supposed to be living in the age of the real-time business, thanks in part to the fact that more data is accessible than ever.  However, a new global survey of 750 IT and business leaders conducted by Vanson Bourne on behalf of Software AG finds that nearly three-fourths of those polled are facing challenges analyzing massive amounts of data and 65 percent can't act on that data in real time anyway. Nevertheless, the study finds that investments in big data projects continue to grow, even though almost half the organizations polled admitted they have issues securing large amounts of data and finding cost-effective ways to store it. Worse, most respondents said they don't have much faith in the quality of their data or the abilities of the internal IT organization when it comes to real-time analytics. For solution providers across the channel, the implications are that organizations are going to be challenged in adjusting their processes to incorporate real-time analytics. That doesn't mean they will stop investing, but it does mean that any business transformation brought about by big data analytics is going to be, at best, an extended journey.

This article was originally published on 2015-06-15