10 Facts About Marketing IT Budgets and Big Data Prospects

By Michael Vizard

There's much excitement about the potential IT opportunity that marketing represents. Some research firms such as Gartner suggest the day is not too far off when marketing departments spend more on IT than IT organizations do. But a survey of 2,200 marketers conducted by Teradata paints a much more nuanced picture. While it's clear that marketers plan to fund big data projects, the majority don't have the processes in place to actually make use of that data. That makes selling IT solutions directly to the marketer a complex undertaking for solution providers in the channel. A little more than half of the marketers surveyed still get their data from internal IT organizations even though most of them admit they don't have much of a working relationship with the internal IT department. Unless solution providers exercise care, they could find themselves caught between competing fiefdoms within organizations. Of course, some solution providers may find it attractive to service the IT needs of the marketer, either on-premise or via the cloud. Here are key takeaways from the Teradata study that will shed more light on marketing IT budgets and big data.

This article was originally published on 2014-03-24