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  • Best Project Portfolio Management Solutions

    Best Project Portfolio Management Solutions
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    To assist project managers, managed service providers (MSP), and business leaders everywhere with the never-ending evaluation, planning, and execution of projects, project portfolio management (PPM) software solutions offer a central platform for organizing and managing projects. Whether it’s managing your own business or evaluating multiple business lines, PPM can help harness insights for decision-making. This… Read more

  • How many different environments do your applications get deployed to?

    How many different environments do your applications get deployed to?

    How many different environments do your applications get deployed to? Most go through multiple stages What types of releases do you perform the most? Iterative approaches start to dominate How do you deploy to the following environments? Lots of manual work still going on No Title How complex are your typical production deployments? For complex… Read more

  • Five Key Enterprise Development Trends to Watch in 2012


    As we head into 2012, enterprise developers will need to focus on some major themes, including the emergence of HTML5, big data and analytics, and Agile Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). They should also continue to concentrate on Web, mobile and cloud development, and take advantage of advances in languages and integrated development environments (IDEs). HTML5… Read more

  • Limbering Up for Agile Software Development


    As more enterprises lean toward the iterative development techniques of the agile and lean development movements, more and more of them will depend upon channel partners to not only provide the tools necessary to reengineer their workflows, but also the expertise and advice needed to help shift development paradigms. “Agile really requires a shift in… Read more

  • Digest: News from McAfee, Interwoven, PostX, Rally


    PostX and Rally launch a new partner programs, while McAfee offers new Web-based capabilities to partners and Interwoven expands its partner network. New McAfee Web Site Offers Partners More Choices Partners of McAfee Inc., a Santa Clara, Calif., intrusion prevention and security risk-management vendor, now can access pre-qualified leads, customer renewal data and order status… Read more

  • Agile Tools Help Teams Hit SOA Targets


    If it’s not what you do for a living, it’s something you should think about paying someone else to do. Configuring, maintaining and updating a development team’s life-cycle management tool set seems like an excellent example, and Rally Software Development Corp.’s forthcoming Rally Release 5 looks like an attractive option for improved process quality —… Read more