Helping Combat Downtime, On-Premise and in the Cloud

By Gina Roos

Disaster recovery and business continuity plans should be re-evaluated regularly. A majority of IT professionals said they have experienced critical outages over the past three months, and more than 41 percent have missed their service availability goals for mission-critical systems, costing businesses thousands, and even millions, of dollars in downtime, according to a survey conducted by Continuity Software, a provider of service availability risk management technology. "It is discouraging to see that such a high percentage of organizations continue to miss their service availability goals, despite the tremendous effort and investment made across the infrastructure," Doron Pinhas, Continuity Software CTO, said in a statement. One of the biggest challenges they face is proactively identifying risks to ensure service availability. This is where IT service providers have the opportunity to work with organizations to help them evaluate potential areas of risk and develop and implement a plan to ensure business continuity management and disaster recovery services on-premise and in the cloud. Here are key findings of the study.

This article was originally published on 2014-06-30