Sirius Offers Services for IBM PureFlex Systems, Flex System Platform

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Sirius provides solutions across all IBM product lines, including hardware, software, services, maintenance, subscriptions and support.

IT solutions integrator Sirius Computer Solutions announced it has become the first IBM business partner qualified to perform configuration and installation services for IBM PureFlex Systems and IBM Flex System technologies.

PureFlex Systems combine IBM hardware and software with patterns of expertise and integrate them into optimized configurations designed to be simple to acquire and deploy.

The platform is aimed at enterprises that need a preconfigured, preintegrated infrastructure with integrated management and cloud capabilities. The PureFlex System Express configuration is designed for small and midsize businesses (SMBs) and is the most affordable PureFlex System entry point.

Designed for businesses that need to custom build and tune a configuration to meet specific requirements using an advanced blade server with maximum x86 compute and memory performance, Flex Systems, the elements that make up the PureFlex System, allow companies to build their own systems to meet IT requirements with a set of components, including compute, storage, networking and systems management.

The PureFlex and Flex Systems accreditation recognizes Sirius for developing the skills to achieve a high level of performance and client satisfaction related to these technologies, which are designed to offer customers the flexibility to custom build and tune their configurations.

"The accreditation represents a strong commitment to IBM's expert integrated systems," Mike Fischer, Sirius vice president for sales and alliances, said in a statement. "Sirius' implementation-services capabilities around IBM PureFlex Systems and Flex Systems are an added value for our clients looking to transform their IT life cycle by saving time and resources while reducing costs."

Sirius, which has been working with IBM since 1980, provides solutions across all IBM product lines, including hardware, software, services, maintenance, subscriptions and support.

IBM had earlier recognized Sirius as an advanced business partner for managed services. The designation signifies that Sirius has met "exceptional" standards for operations, client service and support in its managed-services offerings, using technology and software from IBM. The program helps qualified partners get special skills and training in IBM technologies so they can offer enhanced services to clients.

Sirius managed-services offerings are designed to manage clients' infrastructure from their existing data centers or from a Sirius-provided data center. Supported IBM platforms include System z, Power Systems running AIX and IBM i, and System x and BladeCenter running Windows or Linux. Sirius operates a command center that serves as a central point of control and consolidates a wide spectrum of resources to offer services from the Sirius managed-services team.

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