Micros Partners With Microsoft, Dell to Power Mobile Retail

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The platform offers a customizable experience allowing various staff members to perform multiple activities from one device.

Retail and hospitality IT specialist Micros Systems is teaming up with Dell, Microsoft and Intel to offer a mobile platform with Micros software.

Running on Windows 8.1 technologies, coupled with a new tablet by Dell incorporating the latest Intel Atom processor, the software includes Micros’ Simphony Enterprise for Food & Beverage, Xstore for Retail and Opera for Hotels.

"We are excited that our collaboration will enable Micros to expand the Micros mobile experience for our clients with a game-changing user interface and affordable, high-performance tablet solution that doubles as a stationary workstation when docked with the Micros mStation," Russell Butler, senior vice president of global research and development for Micros, said in a statement. "This collaboration exemplifies Micros’ strategic imperative to remain innovative and continually provide its clients with the latest technologies."

The solution offers a customizable experience allowing various staff members to perform multiple activities from one device. Among other benefits, staff can dock the tablet onto the Micros mStation, which provides reliable connectivity to peripherals such as cash drawers, scanners, scales and customer-facing displays.

"Dell is pleased to work with industry leaders such as Micros, Intel and Microsoft to offer an affordable and high-performance solution based on the tablet by Dell," Joyce Mullen, vice president and general manager of Dell OEM Solutions, said in a statement. "Dell OEM Solutions has been in business for over 15 years helping companies like Micros bring its own ideas and technology to market by leveraging Dell hardware and services."

After docking the tablet to the mStation, employees can then go mobile for clienteling, to show specials of the day, upcoming customer events, as well as take orders.

"The opportunity for mobility in hospitality and retail is to deliver innovation that both inspires us and deliver solutions which are optimized for enterprise-grade deployments," Paul Butcher, retail and hospitality strategist for Intel, said in a statement. "Customers of all sizes can benefit because our common commitment and understanding of business processes and business-worthy solutions."

Managers can use the same device with access to different information such as analytics, restaurant wait lists and reservations, and to track and manage such metrics as sales and costs, inventory orders and receiving, or labor utilization.

"In retail, we all know that customer service is paramount and everyone wants to spend more time with the customer, and less time with technology," Tracy Issel, general manager of worldwide retail, consumer goods and hospitality at Microsoft, said in a statement. "Micros is developing highly customizable solutions built on Windows 8.1 and Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro that give businesses a beautiful, modern experience that is consistent across all devices. Whether used by a server or a manager, this solution helps operators spend more time in front of customers."

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