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10 Reasons HP Should Move to Android

On Feb. 9, HP unveiled its plans for the future of its mobile strategy. And by the looks of things, those plans rely heavily on WebOS, the platform that the company now owns, thanks to its acquisition of Palm last y...Read More

IBM's Watson Supercomputer Goes to Work for You: 11 Personal Apps

Beginning Feb. 14, man matched wits with machine on Jeopardy as the world watched IBM supercomputer Watson face off against the quiz show's two most famous human champions. For three days the world t...Read More

10 Problems Companies Will Face With Tablets In 2011

The tablet market is poised for immense growth in 2011. In fact, some reports suggest the space could see shipments nearly quadruple compared to 2010. And along the way, companies like Apple, Google, Moto...Read More

10 Companies That Understand the Value of Tablets

The tablet market is poised for serious growth in 2011. Apple, Google, RIM, and several other companies plan to capitalize on that growth with hardware or software (or both). And in the process, the companies...Read More

How IT Can Help Improve Healthcare

Both patients and doctors agree, IT holds the key to drastically improving healthcare if it can solve some critical collaboration problems in the near future. The recent Markle Survey of Health in a Networked Life released ...Read More

Tech CFOs Sound Off On 2011

Want to know the real skinny on how well the tech industry is doing? Your best bet of getting the unvarnished truth would be to talk to the keepers of the purse within top technology firms. That's exactly what the firm BDO did when it surveyed a cross-section of CFOs at some of the nation's largest technology companies.

iPad 2: Why it will Beat Cius and PlayBook

Apple's iPad 2 will likely be announced at some point in the next few months. Exactly what the device will offer at that point is anyone's guess, since Apple has yet to reveal details. That said, several industry ana...Read More

10 Security Best Practices for USB Drives

With USB drives and devices proliferating within the workplace faster than a fresh pot of bitter coffee, organizations today have experienced an unparalleled boom in productivity and mobility as a result. However, the...Read More

Top IT Jobs and Markets

For two rows in a year now, the IT industry has experienced nearly flat salaries, according to the 2010 Annual Salary Survey data from technology employment firm Dice. The survey found that salaries only increased by 0.7 percent last ye...Read More

IT Job Agencies: Five That Cater to IT Solution Providers

IT organizations and IT solution providers that downsized during the recession may have more work to do these days as the economy slowly recovers. But uncertainty has led to a reluctance in some quarters...Read More
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