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Ten Things Microsoft Needs to Fix Today

While a lot of one-time events led to the posting of Microsoft's first loss ever, it's clear the company has lost a significant amount of momentum. From a channel perspective the success of Microsoft is critical, so with th...Read More

DevOps Crisis Starts to Spiral Out of Control

As IT organizations move to embrace agile development methodologies, the increased volume of new application updates they are creating are overwhelming their IT operations teams. That creates a unique opportunity for ...Read More

Minding the Gen Y Security Age Gap

In general younger people tend to think they're invincible, so it should come as no surprise that they tend to think the same in cyberspace. That's part of the reason it's becoming more difficult to sell security technologies, u...Read More

The Rising Data Deluge Opportunity

As the volume of data that IT organizations are struggling to cope with continues to mount, the ability to make sense of all that information at the time when the business needs it is becoming more challenging. A new survey of 3...Read More

Opening a New Microsoft Office 2013

If there is a more important set of applications to the channel than Microsoft Office, it's hard to imagine. Microsoft this week began previewing Microsoft Office 2013 that among other things includes tighter integration with c...Read More

BYOD Security Becomes a Pervasive Issue

There's a lot of interest in all things related to the bring your own device (BYOD) phenomenom, especially as it relates to figuring out just how big an opportunity this movement might be for the channel. The folks at ESET ...Read More
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