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WAN Bandwidth Demand Creates the Need for Channel Expertise

The rise of cloud computing and increased use of mobile computing devices have placed more pressure on the wide-area network than ever. A global survey of 200 IT professionals, conducted by As...Read More

IT Channel Growth Is in the Cards for 2014

IT channel companies can expect healthier sales in 2014, according to the most recent forecast from CompTIA. The accompanying report from the IT industry association, "IT Industry Outlook 2014," projects wo...Read More

Retailers' Interest in Managed Security Services Rises

There's nothing like a few highly publicized security breaches that affect millions of people to drum up interest in IT security. With breaches at Target and Neiman Marcus continuing to make headlines...Read More

IT Buyers Tap Social Media for Content

Social media's role in how IT buyers evaluate products and make buying decisions continues to expand. As the trend picks up steam, channel partners must offer relevant links to content through multiple social...Read More
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