Why CXOs Need a Better Cyber-security Education

By Gina Roos

There are big gaps in cyber-security education and training for C-level executives and board members responsible for protecting their companies from security breaches and attacks, according to a survey conducted by CyberVista and Zogby Analytics. This can lead to big challenges in how an organization addresses IT security issues. For example, despite growing cyber-threats and a shortage of IT pros with security skills, the online survey of 300 CXOs finds that only one-fourth believe recruiting and retaining security pros is a top priority. "As with all other corporate risks, board members and executives ultimately bear responsibility for cyber-security issues, and must take steps to create a culture of security that prioritizes addressing cyber-risks across their entire organization," Amjed Saffarini, CEO of cyber-security training firm CyberVista, said in a statement. "Increasing cyber-security training and education among leadership is critical to reducing vulnerabilities and ensuring sound business judgments." Here are key findings that demonstrate the need for security providers to help educate executives and board members on cyber-risks, particularly at smaller companies.

This article was originally published on 2016-03-11