Is Ransomware the Biggest Cyber-Security Threat?

By Gina Roos

A survey of WatchGuard Technologies' global channel partners gives a look inside the minds of resellers. The survey of more than 1,400 partners, conducted by Vanson Bourne, reveals what resellers think about their customers' biggest threat concerns, alert management resources, and their understanding of security technologies. Resellers believe that ransomware will be their customers' biggest concern this year, and a majority of them think that at least some customers will pay the ransom. This finding indicates that with the rise in ransomware threats, many businesses may be spending more money than they anticipated this year. Other customer challenges include having the resources to manage incoming alerts and understanding the difference between Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliances and Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW). Key survey findings indicate many businesses don't have the time, personnel or resources to protect their networks from new cyber-threats and attacks. As a result, they rely on reseller partners to help them in key areas of network security solution management and mitigation of cyber-threats.

This article was originally published on 2017-02-03