How Cloud, IoT Are Altering the Security Landscape

By Gina Roos

Intel Security's five-year security threat analysis finds increasingly "evasive malware and long-running attacks" with the nature of attacks changing as enterprises have moved to the cloud. The Intel Security report reveals that attackers are taking advantage of more users, the overabundance of data now available, growing networks and new devices. Already, attacks and breaches against Internet of things (IoT) devices have started. The "perfect storm was the massive increase in the types and volume of devices, supported by a huge expansion in virtualization and public clouds," according to the report. Some of these threats succeed because businesses ignore easy security measures, such as paying attention to updates, patches, password security, security alerts and default configurations. Businesses also need to implement security policies and procedures. This means changes and improvements around threat intelligence, the recruitment of more security professionals, security technology innovation and engagement with governments, according to the study. Here are key findings from the research that indicate why businesses should pay more attention to security.

This article was originally published on 2015-09-23