How Cloud, BYOD Strategies Create Insider Threats

By Gina Roos

Two of the biggest reasons businesses continue to struggle with insider threats are the adoption of cloud computing technology and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) practices. A new survey reveals that nearly three-fourths of the organizations polled believe they are vulnerable to insider threats. Many of them point to an increase in devices with access to corporate data as a major contributor to the rise in insider leaks. Although the industry's adoption of cloud and BYOD is generally perceived as a positive trend for businesses, these shifts are having an impact on insider threats. The Bitglass Corporate Spies report, based on a survey more than 500 cyber-security professionals, finds that with the adoption of cloud and mobile devices, insiders have access to corporate data from any device and from anywhere. The problem is "careless" users who share sensitive data externally or lose a mobile device that contains sensitive data, according to Bitglass, which offers mobile security and cloud access security broker solutions. The companies at the greatest risk are those that don't have visibility and control over their data. Here's a look at key findings from the study.

This article was originally published on 2016-10-13
Gina Roos is a business and technology writer who has contributed print and Web articles to leading electronic industry publications. She was Editor-in-Chief at Electronics Sourcing North America, and served as Site Editor for UBM's Green SupplyLine and Electronics Supply & Manufacturing Websites. She also authored the "In the Channel" column, covering the electronics distribution industry for EETimes ProductWeek. Gina was the founder and editor of Electronics Advocate, an online magazine covering design and supply chain issues in the electronics industry. The publication was sold to MMG Publishing UK in 2010. Gina has a degree in journalism.