Firms Struggle With Security, but MSSPs Can Help

By Gina Roos

Most people would agree that no company is immune from cyber-attacks, but the good news is that most organizations have some kind of plan in place to deal with them. However, nearly one-third of their IT teams believe key hardware and software systems are being left unprotected, according to the NetEnrich 2016 Cyber-Attack Readiness survey of 174 IT professionals. The biggest causes of cyber-attacks, said these IT pros, are stolen or weak passwords, followed by testing and monitoring system failure, and advanced persistent threats (APTs). Many of them believe these attacks could have been prevented by having a stronger cyber-security policy and better tools for testing and monitoring. Partnering with third-party consultants or managed security service providers also can significantly boost protection plans. Nearly 70 percent of the companies that use consultants or MSSPs to develop or implement their plans said their services were very helpful. Here are key survey takeaways that highlight why organizations need to be more proactive in their security plans, and why they should consider getting help from external partners.

This article was originally published on 2016-11-22