Cyber-Attacks Prompt Security Pros to Take Action

By Gina Roos

A big increase in cyber-attacks in the past few years is posing big challenges for IT security professionals. A little more than three-fourths of 387 IT security decision-makers polled said their organizations experienced a damaging breach in the past year, according to a new study, conducted by QuinStreet Enterprise, which publishes Channel Insider. The breaches can be catastrophic, with impacts ranging from a corruption of servers, intellectual property leaks and revenue loss to prolonged email system failure, loss of employee and customer information, and shrinking customer confidence. As a result, IT professionals now consider cyber-attacks one of the top three IT issues for their organizations and are taking action to prevent new attacks by allocating more of their IT budgets for security, adding new security solutions and using best security practices that will expand opportunities for security service providers. Here are key takeaways from the report that show why cyber-attack prevention should be a top concern for IT departments.

This article was originally published on 2015-05-12