Confidence in IT Security Services Lags

By Michael Vizard

A new survey finds that half of information security and network operations professionals polled admitted they have little confidence in the controls put in place by managed security service providers. As troubled as these tech pros may seem, however, nearly two-thirds said that manual processes limit their security visibility, which results in poor change-management processes when it comes to security, according to the survey, conducted by firewall management software specialist AlgoSec. One challenge they all face is that they are running more business-critical applications in their data centers than ever—which, in turn, increases the footprint of the IT environment they are trying to secure. In addition, three-quarters of them report they are now making use of the cloud to host some of those applications to one degree or another. The trouble is that about a third are unsure about how to go about securing those clouds. As troubling as all this may be, however, it also suggests there is a significant security opportunity for solution providers in the channel that can clearly demonstrate they know what they're doing.

This article was originally published on 2014-10-14