Big Data Analytics Comes to IT Security

By Michael Vizard

Cyber-security is a game of spy versus spy that today still requires IT security professionals to be lucky and smart. Aiming to reduce their reliance on luck, many IT organizations are investing in cyber-security analytics apps based on big data platforms. A new survey of 592 IT and security professionals conducted by the Ponemon Institute on behalf of Cloudera, a provider of a distribution of the open-source Hadoop platform for storing and processing big data, finds that demand for cyber-security analytics apps is growing rapidly. For solution providers in the channel, this creates two opportunities: helping internal IT organizations build and deploy these apps or making them available as a managed service. In either scenario, Cloudera partners report seeing an average 71 percent increase in the volume of data their clients are able to store, an average 80 percent increase in data processing speeds and an average 84 percent increase in the amount of data clients that are able to analyze. While advanced cyber-security analytics apps may not stop every attack, they may go far in evening out the poor IT security odds many organizations face.

This article was originally published on 2016-09-16