Apple Devices Creating Blind Spot for IT Security

By Michael Vizard

Although Apple devices may be among the best in terms of overall security and the lower number of attacks directed their way compared with other devices, the way Apple products are used inside the enterprise still represents a significant security and compliance threat. A survey of 2,249 workers in the United States conducted by Dimensional Research on behalf of Centrify, a provider of identity management software, finds there a lot of employee-owned Apple devices in the enterprise and that the majority of them are used to access corporate data that is not encrypted. Perhaps even more troublesome, most end users admit that the passwords they do use on these devices are overly simple and that they share them with others. This creates a significant opportunity for solution providers across the channel to start a conversation about what it will take to secure those devices. The biggest issue, however, may be that most internal IT organizations are in denial about how widely Apple devices are used to access business apps, versus just surfing the Web.

This article was originally published on 2015-09-02