8 Key Facts About Security Risks in Windows Environments

By Gina Roos

The growing success rate of cyber-attacks indicates that enterprises are open to security risks in Windows environments, according to a survey by ManageEngine, a vendor of network, server, desktop and application management software. The study, based on a poll of 327 IT administrators from organizations worldwide, finds that many of the attacks are centered on Active Directory and used to control access to the network and resources that aren't secured correctly by many organizations. Although the survey finds that organizations are paying attention to security for Active Directory, "Windows environments are far from being secure, and improved overall visibility is essential, according to Derek Melber, technical evangelist for ManageEngine and microsite manager of security hardening for Active Directory and Windows Servers. Opportunities abound for companies in the channel to play a role in developing solutions to give enterprises the knowledge and tools they need to monitor and mitigate security risks in the Windows environment. Here's a look at key findings from the study.

This article was originally published on 2016-05-19