Intel Security Ups Its Game With Platform Strategy

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Intel Security platform strategy

Intel Security is offering channel partners various incentives for selling solutions to customers rather than point products.

However, the introduction of the new strategy and the dropping of some products unsettled some partners, so a key message to the channel during the two-day event was that Intel Security would be as transparent as possible with them when it comes to product roadmaps and corporate plans.

To that end, Patel talked about some new products coming out later this year, including Endpoint 10.2 and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) 10. In addition, the company also will upgrade its MOVE (Management for Optimized Virtual Environments) antivirus technology in version 4.0 and McAfee Active Response (MAR) endpoint threat detection and response tool in version 2.0.

He said there would be more new offerings coming out, but that officials were saving some of that for the Focus show in the fall.

In addition, Steranka said Intel Security was making changes to its channel program to help and encourage partners to begin selling the new solution rather than traditional point products. Rebate plans will change to target incentives to the new platform offerings, and there will be changes to performance programs as Intel Security shifts some of its channel work onto Salesforce.com in the summer. Other efforts include growing professional services and sales competencies among channel partners and putting more of a focus on helping partners embrace the idea of managed security services.

The company also is working on ways to make it easier for partners to bring their customers to Intel Security events as a way of getting the end user up to speed on what the vendor is doing.

Intel Security's thrust around the platform strategy is to engage the channel around the initiative, and to reward work by partners that helps Intel and drives profitability for both the company and the channel.

"We want to boost your profitability," Steranka told the 200 or so partners at the summit. "A profitable partner is a good partner for us."

During a panel discussion, several partners said they were encouraged with what Intel was doing. Security continues to be a key issue for customers, many of whom are looking for partners to manage security for them, according to the partners.

"Companies have invested a lot in their technology, but now they need to get more out of it," said Miguel Perez, CEO of NovaRed, an IT solution provider. "They need more services."

All three partners on stage saw the benefits of becoming for a managed security services provider (MSSP) and that Intel Security's platform play made sense, particularly as other tech vendors pursue similar efforts.

"The platform is a good idea, but others also are looking at it," said Steve Struthers, vice president of security and federal for DynTek, which provides IT consulting and systems integration services.