Quantum Unveils DXi 2.0 Inline Deduplication Platform

By Nathan Eddy

Data backup, recovery and archive specialist Quantum announced the release of DXi 2.0, the company’s next-generation software platform for its DXi-Series disk backup and deduplication solutions. Offered at the same price as the DXi products with version 1 software, it creates a new inline data flow that is optimized for Quantum's latest generation of purpose-built DXi deduplication appliances. DXi 2.0 software will be available this quarter for DXi4500 and DXi6500 products, and available this summer for DXi6700 and DXi8500 appliances.

The DXi 2.0 software provides enhanced management features designed to streamline deployment, monitoring and administration of the entire data protection process, and employs a set of installation wizards and optimized management screens for fast setup and ongoing administration, reducing the total number of screens for common operations by 50 percent to 65 percent.

The software leverages the multitier, purpose-built appliance design of the newest DXi models, and it continues to support the DXi direct path-to-tape functionality that integrates high-speed disk backup with low-cost retention under a single point of control. Customers with the latest-generation DXi4500 and DXi6500 appliances will be able to upgrade them to DXi 2.0 software at no charge, and the upgrade will happen on-site with no requirement for data migration.

"The entire DXi interface is well thought out and intuitive. Evaluator Group found it to be one of the best interfaces available for any type of storage system, and the enhancements in the DXi 2.0 software make it even better," said Russell Fellows, senior analyst at Evaluator Group.

All DXi systems are supported by Quantum Vision, which provides a single point of management across a user's full backup environment, including disk, replication and tape storage systems. A DXi4500 appliance running DXi 2.0 software will deduplicate at up to 1.4TB/hour for NAS and 1.7TB/hour for OST, while a DXi6500 appliance running DXi 2.0 software will deduplicate at up to 4.3TB/hour for NAS and 4.6TB/hour for OST.

"Our customers have embraced the DXi4500 and DXi6500 already. We anticipate that they'll appreciate the enhanced performance and value provided by the DXi 2.0 software," said Shawn O'Grady, executive vice president of strategy and field operations at Datalink.

This article was originally published on 2011-01-27