Iomega Breaks SMB Storage Price Barrier

By Frank Ohlhorst

Data storage space is like closet space, there never seems to be enough. Iomega is looking to bring enterprise-sized storage to the SMB sector with a family of low priced NAS units. The entry level StorCenter ix2 starts out with 1TByte of storage with an estimated street price of around $220, other models in the family include a 2TByte unit for $350,3TByte unit for $450,4TByte for $580 and 6Tbyte for $770.

Enterprise features include RAID 1, user replaceable hard drives for disaster recovery, video surveillance IP camera support, Iomega Link for iOS for remote iPhone and iPad connectivity and VMWare- and XenServer-certification for virtual desktop implementation. The ix2 NAS works with Windows Active Directory Service and can be used for iSCSI storage.

The ix2 units also allow users to use their choice of cloud backup services, such as Mozy, Amazon S3 and other EMC Atmos-enabled cloud backup services offered by service providers. Iomega is optionally offering a Personal Cloud product, which offers simplified data sharing and protection without any monthly fees or service costs.

"Our objective at Iomega is to bring the advantages and capabilities of network storage solutions with enterprise-level applications to small and mid-sized businesses in professional services and manufacturing as well as distributed enterprises in retail, banking and other vertical industries," said Jonathan Huberman, president of Iomega.

Time will tell if Iomega can dominate in what is already a crowded market or if Iomega’s product launch will create a price war among competitors, such as Netgear, DLink, Buffalo Technologies, Hawking Technologies and several others. Either way, one thing is certain: storage is getting less expensive for small and medium businesses, fueling backup, archival and analytics technologies as well.

This article was originally published on 2012-01-11