Drobo, Carbonite Partner for Cloud Backup Platform

By Nathan Eddy

Drobo, makers of data storage products for small and midsize businesses, and Carbonite, a provider of online backup solutions which provide customers with "anytime, anywhere access" to their stored files, announced a partnership under which the companies will collaborate to provide small businesses with an onsite storage and cloud backup solution. Pursuant to the partnership, Drobo business customers can purchase a 14-month subscription of Carbonite's new Business or Premier Business cloud backup solution for the price of a 12-month plan.

Designed specifically for customers who need storage capacity without the complexity and price of legacy storage, every Drobo is powered by BeyondRAID technology that automates traditional storage challenges such as data protection, capacity expansion and application performance optimization. Tom Buiocchi, CEO of Drobo, said the partnership with Carbonite adds the easiest and most affordable cloud backup to an overall data protection strategy for small businesses.

"All businesses are thinking about storage and data protection as a single entity as they increasingly rely on digital information," said Brian Babineau, vice president of research and analyst service at Enterprise Strategy Group. "The partnership between Drobo and Carbonite enables small businesses to affordably keep their most valuable information assets safe without the complexity that is usually associated with traditional storage and backup offerings."

Carbonite's small business solutions are tailored to meet the needs of two distinct small business groups – smaller offices with multiple computers and larger offices that also require server backup. Carbonite Business backs up an unlimited number of computers per year for a flat fee of $229 per year (250GB included). Carbonite Business Premier backs up an unlimited number of computers and servers for just $599 per year (500GB included). Businesses can also add supplemental storage as their backup needs grow.

"A comprehensive backup solution includes both onsite and cloud-based elements. As such, Drobo and Carbonite already share a number of customers in common," said David Friend, CEO of Carbonite. "Our market research has indicated that small business customers would augment their existing physical data protection strategy with an automatic, cloud-based solution if it were affordable, so we built Carbonite Business specifically to address those needs."

This article was originally published on 2011-08-23