Jericho Forum Launches Free Security Assessment Tool

By Ericka Chickowski

Channel partners have a new, free tool at their disposal for testing IT security products, courtesy of an assessment framework launched this week by Jericho Forum.

Known for its revolutionary ideas—it was one of the first organizations to announce the death of perimeter security years ago—Jericho Forum is an international IT security thought-leadership association. Its latest contribution to the security community is the Jericho Forum Self-Assessment Scheme (SAS), a new assessment framework that can help channel partners and their customers gain visibility into how well-designed their potential security technology purchases truly are.

"This new Self-Assessment program extends to all security vendors and customer organizations the benefits of clear measurement criteria with the goal of establishing a more secure marketplace where products are inherently secure right out of the box. This is an open invitation to the IT industry to improve security design standards," Paul Simmonds, a Jericho Forum board member, said in a statement.

The SAS is based on the Jericho Forum Commandments: 11 principles of security design that the group developed back in 2006. SAS will help channel partners ask the right questions about products they're considering for customers in order to see how well they track with the forum's Commandments.

"I’ve previously referenced the Jericho Commandments as a framework for envisioning how information security defenses must shift in the modern era," Dan Blum, principal analyst for Burton Group/Gartner, said in a statement. "Cloud computing is the latest manifestation of IT externalization and de-perimeterization trends that motivate the Jericho Commandments. The Jericho Self-Assessment Scheme being announced will help vendors and customers give themselves an architecture checkup, and it is therefore a useful way to measure cloud-readiness."

This article was originally published on 2010-03-22