Level Platforms to Offer Mobile Device Management

By Jessica Davis

Level Platforms has introduced Mobile Device Management as a key new feature in its Managed Workplace 2012, enabling IT service providers to manage and monitor smartphones and tablets. The company will roll out MDM during its road show this month.

The offering delivers on what so many MSPs have been grappling to find as customer companies find more users bringing their own devices to connect to corporate networks, or else customers companies issue smartphones and tablets to end users.  The demand has been ahead of the solution.

"The rapid adoption of tablets and smartphones by business users represents one of the biggest revenue growth opportunities of the decade for MSPs," said Peter Sandiford, CEO of Level Platforms, in a statement.

"With Managed Workplace 2012, MSPs can deliver comprehensive solutions to simplify administration, improve performance and address critical security issues associated with mobile devices now being deployed on their customers’ networks," he said. "Our global Road Show is an excellent opportunity for MSPs to preview our Mobile Device Management capabilities before they are released next month."        

According to Level Platforms, its new MDM offering provides monitoring and management capabilities for all major smartphones and tablets, including devices from Apple, Google, Microsoft and RIM. All MDM features are delivered from the same central dashboard that offers a view of all other managed devices.

Level Platforms said that Managed Workplace deployed on mobile devices lets MSPs collect complete asset information, remotely configure devices, track location, restrict user access and wipe or reset a device remotely. That goes a long way towards resolving the security concerns that have shadowed the deployment of smartphones and tablets.

The new MDM also enables MSPs to create customized security and management for particular organizations, and offer that customization as a value of their managed service offering.  

Managed Workplace 2012 also introduces the Mobile Service Manager, which lets MSPs access the Managed Workplace Service Center dashboard from a mobile device to view and address end-customer service issues.

Level Platforms Managed Services Education and Collaboration Road Show will visit 17 cities in North America and Europe in February and March.


This article was originally published on 2012-02-02