CA Technologies Announces IT Client Manager 12.5

By Nathan Eddy

IT management software and solutions company CA Technologies announced the latest version of IT Client Manager (ITCM), a solution that extends and automates enterprise capabilities to inventory, manage and deploy physical and virtualized systems and applications. ITCM r12.5 provides application virtualization support, including registering, deploying, detecting, reporting on and updating Microsoft App-V and VMware ThinApp technologies.

In addition, ITCM r12.5 supports Windows 7 and helps streamline platform migration by automating processes such as planning and implementation, process management, reporting and ongoing support. Businesses also benefit from an extended inventory of virtualized platforms, including VMware ESX, Solaris Zones and others.

"Enterprises are looking to transform the traditional desktop from a static infrastructure into a dynamic, virtual workspace that's always available and always accessible, promising organizations increased end-user productivity and business agility," said Roger Pilc, general manager of CA Technologies virtualization and automation customer solutions unit. "With the new release of CA IT Client Manager, CA Technologies is laying the foundation for this transformation, giving customers the ability to manage workspaces and not just the device infrastructure, without sacrificing security, time or cost."

The solution also helps support corporate sustainability initiatives with built-in green IT analytics that enable customers to optimize power management and settings based on asset type, and establish timing parameters for monitors and hard drives. Teddy Schou, project director for DevoTeam Consulting in Denmark, said the new green IT assessment features in the solution have enabled his company to build a hosted solution through which their customers can assess their savings through sustainability initiatives by minimizing power consumption and reducing cost. "Our first customer saved $300,000 (or 1 million kg of carbon dioxide) in three years by optimizing the power schemas of just 3,000 desktops," he said.

Fred Broussard, an analyst with IT research firm IDC, said managing individual users through the management of a user's workspace is a valuable strategy for IT that can lead to increased business agility and flexibility, lowered IT management costs, and improved service levels. "As organizations evolve from managing physical client devices to managing the user workspace, client virtualization will become a key component," he said. "Having comprehensive capabilities for managing both physical and virtual assets is critical to supporting the transformation to this workspace of the future."  

This article was originally published on 2010-08-19