Arrow ECS Launches Empower Enablement Program for Business Analytics

By Jennifer Lawinski

Arrow ECS is launching a new partner-enablement program, called Empower, to help solution providers sell data center technologies, beginning with business intelligence and analytics solutions from IBM. 

Under the Empower enablement program, Arrow ECS, a division of Englewood, Colo.-based Arrow Electronics, will offer partners technology solutions, opportunity analyses, education, demand-generation services and business resources to sell IBM Cognos technology.

"Business-intelligence technology is emerging as an essential tool for identifying new revenue-generation opportunities, as well as to control unproductive expenditures. Further, demand is shifting from measurement to analysis, forecasting and optimization leading to predictive analysis," Sean Kerins, president of Arrow ECS in North America, said in a statement. 

"Arrow ECS is committed to helping solution providers pursue this market, given 80 percent of large and midsize organizations purchase BI software, yet few have standardized enterprise-wide deployments. Also, midmarket companies are focused more on BI technology and depend on solution providers to guide them in the decision-making and implementation process."

The Empower program won't be exclusive to business analytics, however. And over time, the program will incorporate different data center solutions as partners need.

"It will be an ongoing program and messaging framework. It’s really meant to help shape and unify the way we engage partners to support the way in which they go to market," Kerins said. 

"Most of our partners were either typically loyal to a single vendor or they were organized around products. Over time, we’ve seen a lot of our reseller products evolve their go-to-market model from one that had product categories to practices. It suggests that they’re a little more sensitive to the needs of their customers, and customers want choices so they’re taking a more application-centric view."

In addition to product and sales resources, the Empower program will also offer market, vertical and white-space opportunity analyses, and education and training resources.  

For Greg Boyd, vice president of the national business intelligence performance management practice at Matrix, a consultancy based in Atlanta, Ga., the program enables faster sales to customers.

"It gives us access to skills and capabilities that can help us better support our customers and identify new opportunities in the marketplace with faster time-to-value for our clients. It decreases the cycle time from prospect to close," Boyd said. "From that perspective, we see great value in this program."

For Arrow, he said the program brings more focus to the BI space. "We have better access to both technical and sales resources and marketing resources to assist IBM in executing on their business analytics go-to-market strategy."

While its initial focus is on the IBM Cognos products, Kerins said the program's structure will help Arrow ECS work with partners on strategy to build holistic technology practices rather than focusing on single-vendor product sets.

"We're building practices around those same disciplines that are somewhat supplier-agnostic, and they're meant to help the partner focus on the customer's requirements before they choose technology," he said. "It's going to be a little more surgical--a little more targeted in the approach--but we’re going to leverage our POS and other business intel to use in a tailored fashion to help our partners grow."

"As we continue to evolve our model and unify our go-to-market approach, services is becoming a bigger and bigger part of our strategy," Kerins said.  


This article was originally published on 2011-09-22