Lenovo Looks to Beat Dell in PC Market By Year End

By Jessica Davis

HP may be contemplating dumping its PC business, but Dell and Lenovo are revving up their engines for a race in the PC market, both looking to gain share from number one player, HP.

Dell lost the title of number one PC maker to HP five years ago, and CEO Michael Dell has been quick to make light of HP’s plans to exit the PC market now, tweeting that the HP PC spin off should be called Compaq.

Most recently, Lenovo’s Chairman Liu Chuanzhi said publicly that he expects his company to surpass Dell in sales by the end of the year and become the number 2 player in worldwide PC sales.

Lenovo’s CEO echoed the statement: "Lenovo has tremendous momentum in the market.  We continue to not only outgrow the market, but also significantly outpace our competitors.  With our own rapid growth, combined with the successful execution of our joint venture in Japan with NEC and our acquisition of Medion in Germany, we fully expect to be number 2 in worldwide PCs this year," said CEO CEO Yuanqing Yang, in a statement.

"PCs continue to be a very strong core business for us.  Even as we invest in new areas like tablets and mobile internet, we see great opportunity in PCs around the world," he added. "We are committed to the PC space for the long term and expect it to continue to fuel profitable, balanced global growth for Lenovo."


This article was originally published on 2011-09-12