Hotlink Ties Microsoft Up to Amazon

By Michael Vizard

There are more than a few organizations trying to manage instances of virtual servers running in Windows environments locally and on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform in the cloud.

Now Hotlink is making it possible for those organizations to manage both using the Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM), which many of them installed when they adopted Windows Server 2012.

According to Hotlink CEO Lynn LeBlanc, HotLink Hybrid Express eliminates the need for organizations to adopt separate management frameworks for the cloud. Instead, organizations can either use SCVMM or an instance of VMware vCenter that Hotlink previously supported.


In either instance, the cloud quickly begins to look like a natural extension of the internal IT environment versus being a separate set of compute resources that need to be managed in isolation.

LeBlanc says the Hotlink approach allows IT organizations to extend the governance policies they have in place to AWS, while at the same time gaining more financial visibility into how AWS resources are being consumed.

As cloud computing becomes more pervasive, it’s becoming clear that many of the tools that IT organizations have in place to manage internal IT resources will simply wind up being extended to the cloud. Ultimately, that may mean the whole notion of cloud computing will simply dissipate in favor of a more practical approach that simply views the cloud as another tier of computing resources that have to be managed like anything else.

This article was originally published on 2013-04-03