Why Project Management Resources Are So Tight

By Michael Vizard

In an ideal world, every IT project would succeed. In reality, more of them wind up failing than most solution providers would care to admit. A big reason for that has little to do with the technology being implemented, but rather a lack of project management oversight. Most solution providers have some project management capabilities. However, project management is all too often a hit-or-miss proposition among many customers, according to a study conducted by project management software provider Innotas. Based on a poll of 140 project management professionals, the study finds that 34 percent have a project management office (PMO). Naturally, there's some debate over who is responsible for managing IT projects. The truth is that it takes a fair amount of collaboration between project managers working for solution providers and their counterparts inside the customer's organization to accomplish anything. The survey also makes it clear that project management resources are in short supply, which may have more to do with the pace of new technology adoption inside the enterprise than anyone inside or outside the channel realizes. Channel Insider looks at key findings from the study.

This article was originally published on 2016-05-31