Tying IT Projects to Business Results Is Crucial

By Michael Vizard

With line-of-business executives exercising more influence on how IT budgets are allocated, solution providers need to focus more on how IT projects provide better business outcomes. Linking IT projects to business outcomes is now critical when it comes to getting funding for a project approved, according to the findings of a survey of 100 IT executives conducted by IDG on behalf of IT solutions provider Datalink. Yet the most challenging issue facing IT leaders is that there is little standardization when it comes to business processes, the study finds. As a result, IT leaders and the solution provider partners they rely on need to delve deeper into how business processes flow inside a particular organization. For many solution providers, that means business and IT consulting are now firmly joined at the hip. The challenge lies in understanding to what degree IT security, compliance issues and end-user expectations have an impact on the degree to which those business processes can be automated. On the plus side, however, many of those IT organizations are now also more willing to outsource tactical IT processes so they can concentrate on more strategic business initiatives.

This article was originally published on 2016-05-23