Tech Industry CEOs Tackle Market and IT Challenges

  • | Posted 2013-02-20
Tech Industry CEOs Tackle Market and IT Challenges

Tech Industry CEOs Tackle Market and IT Challenges

Cash Flow  96% of tech CEOs are optimistic about increasing revenue during the next three years.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the speed of technology advances? Are you grasping to get better connected with your customers? Do you stay awake at night worrying about instability within the global economy? If so, then you can consider yourself in good company because many of today’s tech industry CEOs confess that they share these sentiments, according to a recent survey from PwC. The resulting report, "Dealing With Disruption," takes you directly to the “30,000-foot-high” view of the top leaders in the tech industry. And, yes, while there are a great many concerns, there’s actually an abundance of optimism too: For starters, these CEOs are feeling encouraged about both revenue and staffing expansion forecasts. For many of them, the key to future success is tied to the agility of their strategic planning—especially with respect to customer engagement. And that’s what these CEOs are focusing on now. More than 150 tech industry CEOs in 38 nations took part in the research.


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