Tech CEOs See Disruption as Route to Transformation

By Dennis McCafferty

Technology company CEOs view disruptive innovation as a means to transform a broad range of business areas, according to the findings of a recent survey from KPMG. Its "U.S. Technology Industry CEO Outlook" report indicates that disruptive tech can help improve product/services offerings, enable organizations to enhance interactions with customers, and boost productivity while increasing sales. So, it should come as no surprise that business digitization and disruptive tech implementation emerged as the top three CEO priorities. Among the tools they're planning to acquire: those that measure and analyze customer experience and cognitive computing/artificial intelligence solutions. "Tremendous opportunities exist for companies that can successfully integrate disruptive technologies to create unique customer value propositions and new ways to compete," reads the report. "For technology companies … profit pools and competitive advantages that exist now are going to be short-lived if boards and C-suites do not address—with increasing speed and agility—disruptive trends that both threaten their existing business models and provide sources of opportunity." Channel Insider examines key takeaways from the study.

This article was originally published on 2016-09-15