Digital Transformation: Why Failure Is Not an Option

By Gina Roos

Digital transformation is not an easy task, and businesses face challenges around legacy infrastructure and steadfast company culture. The transition requires new technologies and processes that must address system complexity, time for implementation and even leadership's attitude toward change. Digital transformation poses significant challenges for 87 percent of businesses, according to a global study from Bizagi, a provider of digital process automation software. Yet the speed of change needed and the complexity of the challenges is resulting in "technological traffic jams." The majority of the more than 1,000 IT and customer experience professionals surveyed believe that if they don't pick up the pace of transformation, their companies will fail. The report, titled "The Agility Trap," finds that customer expectation is driving the pace of digital transformation, but companies face roadblocks related to their "culture, organizational complexity and the lack of processes that enable employees to engage, collaborate and innovate." Here are key findings that show why businesses need to overcome these challenges to build new digital relationships with their customers and partners.

This article was originally published on 2016-06-29