Cautious Growth Forecast for IT Industry

Cash Flow

Cash Flow

$3.6 trillion is the current global value of the overall IT industry.

The global IT industry is projected to grow at a rate of 3% in 2013, with an upside potential of 5.2%, according to a recently released forecast from CompTIA. The U.S. forecast is 2.9%, with a potential upside of 4.9%. These and other research findings have been compiled in a CompTIA report, the "IT Industry Outlook 2013." Overall, results convey a sense of measured optimism, as organizations continue to increase their recognition of IT as a critical business driver. However, as always, the global economy weighs heavily. "Technology has never been more important," says Tim Herbert, vice president of research at CompTIA, a nonprofit association representing the technology industry. "But persistent economic headwinds force many customer segments to remain conservative with their investments. Reaching the upside of the forecast range will require macroeconomic stability, steady business confidence and healthy customers." Findings were compiled from a combination of IDC industry research, government reports and CompTIA surveys of IT firms, IT executives and business executives, the latter involving at least 500 respondents.

This article was originally published on 2013-02-06