10 Paths to Building a Better Channel

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    Michael Vizard

10 Paths to Building a Better Channel

10 Paths to Building a Better Channel

Optimize Channel Spend  Vendors must examine spending on reselling discounts, deal registration incentives, marketing funds, rebates and agent fees. Demand generation is now the biggest priority for channel chiefs.

Everyone associated with the channel has a vested interest in making the channel a better and ultimately more profitable way to bring products and services to market. But a new survey of more than 80 vendors and 100 solution providers conducted by channel consulting firm PartnerPath makes it clear that the rise of cloud computing, coupled with increasing mismatches in priorities between vendors and solution providers, is creating a more confused channel than ever. To help bring some clarity to the situation, PartnerPath has come up with 10 recommendations for vendors looking to build a healthier channel. The biggest issue is the fact that the go-to-market process in the age of the cloud is no longer linear, said Diane Krakora, principal at PartnerPath. As a result, no one is exactly sure who is playing what role in the channel these days. Krakora said most vendors really haven't built out channel programs that are optimized for the cloud. Partners, meanwhile, are still working on making a transition that essentially requires them to overhaul their business models. Ultimately, solution providers will emerge as a new class of brokers of IT services in the cloud. But much hard work still needs to be done before that eventuality becomes a new channel reality.

This article was originally published on 2013-03-29
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