Should Solution Providers Have Blogs? It Depends

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ANALYSIS: Whether solution providers have blogs depends upon what they are willing to do with them, and what they are willing to resist doing with them.

An Integrated Component of an Effective Marketing Plan

In an effective marketing plan, everything leads to everything else. That is, social media posts lead to blog posts, which lead to your Website followed by phone calls or invitations to events or special high-value content and other offerings which connect readers to salespeople ultimately culminating in sales. See it as a vortex spinning inward toward you and drawing in new customers and new business.

Schedule your blog topics in advance so you can announce upcoming posts in emails, newsletters and other publications. Also consider coordinating the schedule of postings to coincide with your upcoming events—perhaps three or four posts on a specific topic, such as unified communications or data security, just in advance of a webinar or seminar you're giving on the same topic, or the release of a new related product by one of your key vendor-partners. Get people thinking about your topic while you're inviting them.

Be sure also to "dress" the Web pages your blog appears on to drive readers to other parts of your Website that you want them to see.

What a Blog Should Be

Your blog is your best way to demonstrate your insight and intelligence to your customers and prospects, to show them exactly what you're thinking and why they should be thinking about the same things to improve their own business and information operations.

That's why they call it "thought leadership." Lead your customers to think about things that benefit them in your blog.

Howard M. Cohen is a 30-plus-year IT industry veteran who continues his commitment to the channel as a columnist and consultant.