How to Make Your Marketing More Productive

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ANALYSIS: Many channel partners fail to focus their marketing materials on their customers and what they can do for them. Here's how to turn this around.

'Constant and Consistent' Constructs Your Community

Marketing is no longer a process of "getting your message out there" where it will "attract more eyeballs." There's just too much noise—too many marketers clamoring for customers' attention. It is all but impossible to rise above that much noise.

That's why you must cut through it, and the only way to do that is to leverage your greatest asset—your existing relationships.

Today, marketing is the process of building and continuously growing your community of supporters and promoters. Every customer you attract knows many other potential customers. Get them to tell those people about you. Give them reason to brag about the great job they had you do for them. Have them invite their friends to your events or share your content with them.

There's just no such thing as a "one shot" in marketing. If you only do one event all year, or put out one bulletin or newsletter, don't bother. Don't waste your money. It won't be effective. Better to spend on smaller efforts more often, spread across time, than to blow it all on one big extravaganza.

Marketing is a relationship-building process that takes time and repeated, consistent, constant contacts from you to your potential audience. Write to them, call them, entertain them, inform them, but keep reaching and contacting them, showing them more and more value until they feel like they're your good friends. People do buy from people they like.

We'll dive deeper into specific strategies in future posts. Watch this space. Tell your friends.