Government IT Organizations Get Behind IoT

By Michael Vizard

Large-scale internet-of-things projects typically require some level of interaction with IT systems managed by local, state and national governments. CompTIA, in a survey of 172 professionals with responsibility for local, state and federal IT projects, finds that many of those governments are starting to embrace IoT more aggressively. For IT solutions providers, those internet of things projects not only represent new opportunities for their services, they also create a pool of data from which many commercial IoT projects might stem. Naturally, it may take some time for many of these projects to come to fruition. Although government institutions may not be known for their agility, they are known for being able to launch projects at scale that have the potential to change lives. For that reason alone, solution providers interested in IoT projects should consider interacting with government IT professionals to stay on top of where and how government agencies are starting to pilot IoT projects. Channel Insider examines key findings from the CompTIA research.

This article was originally published on 2016-10-21