Game-Changing Shift: The Hybrid Enterprise

By Gina Roos

Dealing with disruptive trends like the hybrid enterprise can cause major headaches for IT professionals, according to a Riverbed survey of 230 attendees conducted at a recent Amazon AWS re:Invent conference. Top challenges cited were reliability, availability and performance. While Riverbed acknowledges these challenges aren't new, a hybrid enterprise clearly intensifies them, said Steve Riley, Riverbed's technical director. IT teams face several challenges with the introduction of hybrid networking as they outsource at least part of their workload to an infrastructure they no longer have control over, he said. "If you're spreading the tasks of a particular workload over multiple geographical areas, this will introduce latency and performance problems so it will take proper planning and design, and judicious application of good technology to mitigate the effects of that distance." Riley said these performance and availability effects can be resolved using tools that help ensure high availability, minimize the effects of any distance and maintain a good end-user experience. Here are the survey results that indicate the foothold hybrid enterprises are gaining despite the challenges.

This article was originally published on 2015-01-22