IBM Offers Its Take on IoT Opportunities for Partners

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IBM, IoT, cognitive computing

IBM's watchword has long been 'THINK,' and now the company recommends that partners seek Internet of things opportunities from systems that 'THINK.'

Partners Already Marketing Intelligent Solutions

An IBM announcement from May 2015 describes the expansion of the Watson Ecosystem with new partnerships and cognitive computing apps and services for media and entertainment, oil and gas, veterinary medicine, travel and hospitality, mental health, engineering and personalized health.  In an October 2015 announcement, IBM described applications developed by Watson partners for call center support, content marketing, social data analysis, survey analysis and risk management.

IBM sees cognitive computing as heralding a new age of computing.

IBM's Green intones the opportunity in her white paper: "We need the Internet of things to be smarter. We need to get more value from data it produces. And we believe that cognitive computing—systems that learn at scale, reason with purpose and interact with humans naturally—is our best, and perhaps only, opportunity to fully exploit this burgeoning resource."