Managing Mobile App Development Challenges

By Michael Vizard

Many companies don't realize the complexities inherent in mobile application development. A new survey of 800 IT decision makers conducted by the Apigee Institute, a unit of Apigee, a provider of API management software, found that 45 percent missed at least one goal in terms of the number of mobile apps they planned to develop, the amount of time it took to build those apps, the quality of those apps, the amount of budget dollars allocated and the impact on the business. The report, titled "Lessons From the App Masters: How Some IT Departments Excel at Delivering Quality Apps," revealed that only 8 percent of the respondents exceeded their goals across all those attributes. Of that 8 percent, one-third proactively sought eternal help to gain additional technical or project management expertise. Only 11 percent of those "app masters" relied primarily on internal resources. The large number of IT organizations that failed to meet their goals suggests that there's a limited supply of expertise and a lot of demand. From a channel perspective, that usually means plenty of high-margin opportunities to go around.

This article was originally published on 2014-08-18